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About Drunken Fury
Drunken Fury is a social leveling guild in World of Warcraft that focuses primarily on building a strong community on Alonsus, Anachronos and Kul'Tiras. With Warlords of Draenor, we are working on building a raid team to progress through content and enjoy older content together. We're a friendly bunch, and hope to provide you with a guild you can call home here on Alonsus (and Anachronos and Kul'Tiras). We're more than willing to provide support for players both new and old, and we all know how to have a laugh. Have fun, be friendly and socialise. Bottoms up!

  • Ewan - Bethille
  • Joel - Undefeated/Irongun
  • Adam - Tzéentch

The RaidCall ID is 8537793 - PM Drunken Fury EU with your Guild Launch profile with claimed characters from the roster to be accepted.

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We're back baby!

by Drunken Fury EU, 726 days ago

After a lengthy hiatus, Drunken Fury is back! We're looking to recruit a raid team that will be raiding three times a week on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. If you're interested in applying use the membership application link on the right to sign up. After that, create a forum post here using the raid application template here. As always, social spots will always be open and automatically accepted. We look forward to seeing you in game!


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So you're interested in raiding?

by Drunken Fury EU, 953 days ago

Those of you that stated you are interested in raiding should head over here and create a thread using the template in here. This is just to learn more about your character and what you can bring to the team. Don't be put off, all applicants will be considered; experience is welcome but not necessary, just know how to play your class. Hope to see you in-game soon!

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Brewfest has arrived!

by Drunken Fury EU, 1009 days ago


It's that special time of year again, one we here are Drunken Fury look forward to all year round! It's like an early Christmas, except everyone's drunk for the whole thing.

Brewfest gives you the chance to obtain two mounts, the Kodo and the Ram (both of which have eluded me for many years), a couple of pets and a few toy items for the upcoming release of patch 6.0.2. There's also lots and lots of booze to be consumed; speaking of which, the Tremendous Tankard O' Terror is transmoggable this year and drops from Coren Direwbrew in the instance you can queue up for the duration of the holiday.

There is also the opportunity for players to obtain the meta achievement and obtain the 'Brewmaster' title in the process! So come one, come all, git yer arses outta Ironforge an' join in with the festivities. Get me a cold one!

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Raid Team!

by Drunken Fury EU, 1165 days ago

We are currently in the process of building a raid team for current and future endgame content. If you're interested in applying then head on over to the forum post made by Ewan to secure yourself a position.

In other news, congratulations to all of you! The guild has reached over 200 members and attained level 17!

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Cash Flow!

by Drunken Fury EU, 1166 days ago

As a result of the guild obtaining the Cash Flow perk, all rank's daily repair allowances have been modified to reflect the increase of income. The new rank allowances are as follows:

  • Whiskey - 100g/day
  • Port - 50g/day
  • Potent stout - 50g/day
  • Stout - 25g/day
  • Shot - 25/day (subject to change)
  • Half-Pint - 10g/day

If you have any recommendations for alternate pricing, create a thread in the Suggestion Forum and we'll get to it ASAP.

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Website advertisements

by Drunken Fury EU, 1169 days ago

I apologise for the plague of advertisements that are covering the site at the moment. I'll be setting up an annual subscription to Guild Launch in the coming weeks so we shouldn't need to worry them again after that until the next time it needs paying. In the meantime, I recommend the use of AdBlock until the subscription is set up. Thanks for bearing with us.


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